Empowered Women, Empowering Women

All members of Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. have been empowered under a recognized entity at an accredited four-year college or university. Members of Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. work rigorously on campus and within our communities to ensure that the Founding Principles of the Sorority are being upheld, and are expected to perform duties that are reflective of the Sorority’s values in an effort to ignite positive political and social action.

New Member Education

Women who are interested in membership with Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. are encouraged to reach out to a member of the Sorority at their college or university and inquire about events and programs that may help facilitate their journey in seeking sisterhood.

New Member Education is the process used to induct potential members into Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. Through this process, potential members are guided the Lambda Way as they  explore bonds with Hermanas, the organization, and each other.  New Members are given the opportunity to work towards common goals and demonstrate their dedication to our Metas and principles. It is through this that the bond which must exist between New Members and Hermanas is developed and nurtured through education and empowerment. In this time, New Members learn about themselves, the Sorority and most importantly – its members.

Interested women are required to be enrolled in an accredited a four-year college or university and should maintain a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.  For more information, please reach out to an Hermana at your college or university or email an entity near you >


Chartering a Colony

A newly chartered entity of Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. is recognized as a Colony. Colonies are comprised of newly inducted members who have established recognition at their respective university and have successfully completed the New Member Education process.

A Colony may be invited to petition for Chapter status with the Sorority after fulfilling requirements set forth by the National Leadership. The requirements include effective and impactful programming as well as community service and philanthropic efforts.

Interested Women

Affiliating With an Alumnae / Professional Chapter

Any member or interested woman who has acquired a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university may request to become affiliated with the Alumnae/Professional Chapter. The purpose of the Alumnae/Professional Chapter is to:

  1. To provide Alumnae with the opportunity to maintain active status within the organization
  2. To grant the opportunity for membership to potential members who have acquired a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university  
  3. To support undergraduate entities through the role of Graduate Advisors
  4. To aid the National Leadership in creating and implementing networking and social programs for the membership, both undergraduate and Alumnae

Why LPiU?

LPiU is my past, present and future. It has created a myriad of opportunities in my life, such as: empowering me to push past adversity and motivating me to accomplish my dreams. I am a Latina Poderosa, I am LPiU.

– H. Melody Paniagua, Spring ‘13

It was a calling since the beginning of my college career. Within my heart I knew I wanted to be part of history and Lambda Pi Upsilon provided me the opportunity to develop a legacy.

– H. Jeannette Ozorio, Spring ‘10

Through LPiU, I have been surrounded by strong like-minded women who push me to excel every day in everything I do. LPiU has given me the strength and confidence to go beyond my doubts and recognize my full potential and also instill that same passion in others!

– H. Raven Rohadfox, Fall ‘16

Lambda Pi Upsilon exudes the empowerment of women because our sisterhood has no bounds, prejudice or malice.

LPiU has given me a platform for change, growth and empowerment.

Being a part of our hermandad is more than a service to our communities but a platform for societal change through our leadership.  

– H. Corinna Santos, Fall ‘16

Strength lies in Unity. LPiU has provided me the opportunity to join forces with diverse women that share the common goal of uplifting ourselves and one another. It is a platform used to spread awareness and invoke progression.

– H. Naryelik Perez, Spring ‘13

LPiU has introduced me to a large network of like minded people who are interested in seeing positive change in our communities. It has given me a platform where I can empower others while empowering myself.

– H. Stephany Turcios, Spring ‘10

LPiU has changed my life completely! It showed me how to be fearless in ways I could have never imagined I could be. It has introduced me to some of the most hardworking, diligent individuals I have ever met in my life and has given me the chance to empower others everyday. I’m definitely appreciative for LPiU everyday. CADyO!

– H. Michelle Cardona, Spring ‘14

According to USA Today College in 2012, 85% of Fortune 500 executives were part of Greek life. The first female astronaut was Greek. So was the first female senator. And college graduation rates are 20% higher among Greeks than non-Greeks. Being an Hermana of Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. has provided me with endless philanthropic, learning and leadership opportunities but most of all given me a high level of camaraderie and showed me the true definition of sisterhood. Hermanas Para Siempre!

– H. Christine Picault, Spring ‘10

LPiU has always been close to my heart. As a shy girl in college the women of LPiU always made me feel welcomed and loved. I was never looked at differently or judged for any of my views. That was just as an interested women. As a Hermana I received the same continuous love. LPiU has made an impact on the woman that I am today.

LPiU has given me a family outside of mine. I’m surrounded sisters, support, love and  guidance at any given time

– H. Jessica Ortiz, Fall ‘15

Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. has completely changed my life. Thanks to my sisters I know how to admit when I’m wrong and I’m no longer afraid to voice my opinion. I know that I can help make a difference in this world – even if that means making a difference in one persons life. I am empowered and evolving into a proud Afro-Latina who inspires women just like me that they too can be successful.

– H. Maree Valdez, Spring ‘14

LPiU has created an outlet for me to grow an an individual. It has vastly increased my passion for empowering women of all ages

LPiU has allowed me to form a bond with so many different women. LPiU has strengthened my appreciation for what women are capable of mastering and enduring.

LPiU has empowered me to learn more about different cultures and people in order to help them. It has allowed me to invest in my community, for the better.

LPiU has enabled me to grow as a person and the way I interact and tackle the professional world. LPiU has given me tools to tackle life beyond my collegiate experience

– H. Tatiana Ingram, Fall ‘13

LPiU is my home away from home and the family that I got to choose. Being a part of LPiU, nothing feels impossible.

– H. Cinthia Avelar, Fall ‘11

This organization has pushed me to unmask a version of myself I didn’t know existed. It has been an instrumental part of my progress as a woman, an activist and as an educated member of my community. I have been privileged enough to work alongside empowered women who not only want to better themselves as individuals but want to provide service, equality and advocacy for the betterment of their community.

– H. Maria Collazos, Fall ‘11

LPiU encourages my creativity, supports my individuality and provides the network and resources so that I can master my destiny. Siempre con Amor, Dignidad Y Orgullo.

– H. Flor Zervoudis, Spring ‘97

LPiU is a group of women that embraced me like an old cozy blanket. It has given me the strength to be the woman I am today and are there for me when I need them most.

– H. Angelina Andino Fall 2001

Observe. Ask. Learn. Educate. 4 words that I’ve acted upon starting my journey in LPiU that has shaped me as a woman. 4 words that I will follow in life everywhere I go that will contribute to my, and others’  growth. 4 words that lead me to fulfill a greater purpose. All, for the love of LPiU

– H. Jennifer Castillo, Fall 2013


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