Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. is proud to sponsor various National Programs and Initiatives throughout the year. Each program is uniquely designed to ensure that our members are actively involved in raising awareness and engaging our communities.

Lambda Diva Leadership Summit (LDLS)

Lambda Diva Leadership Summit, or LDLS, is Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc’s Fall convention and occurs annually in July before commencing the Fall semester. LDLS is a weekend-long event where the National Leadership and the Assembly come together to conduct Sorority business.

LDLS Events:

  • Leadership development
  • Entity audits
  • Meeting of the Minds
  • Sorority updates and upcoming initiatives
  • National Leadership election
  • Hermandad awards
  • Hermana bonding
  • Risk Management Training

Empowerment Conference

The Empowerment Conference is Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc.’s Spring convention and occurs annually every January. During the Empowerment Conference, the leaders of every entity come together to discuss Sorority-related business, forward-planning and Risk Management.

PODER Week & DIVA Week

Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. sponsors two national programming weeks, PODER Week and DIVA Week, annually in November (Founder’s month) and March (Women’s History month), respectively. PODER Week and DIVA Week are hosted at the entity level, with the support of the National Leadership. Both sponsored weeks are inspired by the Sorority’s Founding Principles (Metas), philanthropy, and are most importantly reflective of our mission to educate and empower.

Diva Weekend

Introduced as a national event in 2013, Diva Weekend is a weekend-long series of events that occurs every June, honoring the mission and purpose of Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. Diva Weekend is open to both members and the community at large, allowing both parties to learn more about Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc’s capabilities and Founding Principles (Metas). Some events that take place during Diva Weekend are the Latinas Poderosas Panel, featuring professional Alumnae of the Sorority, Interested Women Conclave, fundraisers and networking events.

Sisterhood Retreat

Sisterhood Retreat takes place in August. Sisterhood Retreat is a weekend-long event that fosters bonding, workshops, leadership development and Hermandad storytelling.

Emerald Gala

Emerald Gala is a formal event that celebrates Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Inc.’s years of love, dignity, and pride. Emerald Gala is a milestone event that takes place in August every five years starting from 2012. Hermandad awards presented at the milestone year’s Lambda Diva Leadership Summit are presented at Emerald Gala.